COVID-19 Status Update - Heritage Crossing

COVID-19 Status Update

From safe dining to vaccine booster clinics to transparently sharing team member vaccination rates, our communities and management company, Cappella Living Communities, continue to support residents’ purpose-filled lives while taking steps to increase resident safety from COVID variants.  While the larger community wonders if restaurants and shops will require masks or shut down again, our residents are empowered daily to learn and grow with the added security of neighbors and team members they know are vaccinated.

What is “New Normal” in Senior Living Communities?



Latest Updates


Expanded Visitation Rules are in Effect beginning Monday, March 29, 2021

The Ohio State Health Department released new directives aligning state regulations with the Centers Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) newly expanded visitations for long-term care facilities, including our assisted living and memory support community.

Families and friends now have more options to connect with their loved ones. The state guidance still recommends outdoor visitations whenever possible because there is less chance of spreading the virus. We are now able to offer indoor visits with the following guidelines and exceptions:

  • Visits will be allowed regardless of the resident’s vaccination, however there are more opportunities if a resident is fully vaccinated.
    • If a resident is vaccinated, residents and families may touch during the visit.

If a resident is unvaccinated, touching is not allowed, and six feet of social distance must be maintainedAdditionally, unvaccinated resident visits must take place in a community designated area and be monitored.

    • If a resident is vaccinated, families may visit in the resident’s apartment. The family member must be escorted to the resident’s apartment to limit the amount of exposure to others in the communities.
    • All visitors must be escorted to and from the visit by a community team member.  When you’re ready to leave after your visit please press the call pendant to let us know you are done and can be escorted out of the building.
    • Regardless of vaccine status, each visit will minimally be 30 minutes. So that we are able to serve all families, as we begin, the maximum time will be one hour (1). As we get all families through, we may be able to expand that maximum time, we will make that determination based on the demand for visits.
    • Children may visit, if they can maintain wearing a mask, maintain social distance and are able to understand and follow virus mitigation protocols.

Heritage Crossing visits will be daily from 9am-5pm. Each resident can have two (2) visitors at one time, each visit will be hosted in our community designated area or in the resident’s apartment depending on their vaccination status. All visitors and residents must continue to wear masks during the visit, all visits must be scheduled, no drop-in visits allowed.

All visitors must first come to the concierge desk to be screened and have their temperature checked. If you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 please cancel your visit for the health and well-being of everyone at Heritage Crossing.

To schedule a visit, please call the concierge at 330-931-4274.

We are just as excited as residents and families are about these new visitation opportunities. We know personal connections are vital to resident’s well-being. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we roll-out these new directives and get everything set up to welcome you!

Latest Vaccine Information


Heritage Crossing Covid-19 FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plans

We want you to get ready now. All residents and team members need to have their most current insurance cards. If you misplaced your insurance card please make sure you get a replacement card for yourself or your loved one as soon as possible, so the process moves forward as smoothly as possible. Please take a look at the below links for further information.

To learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine for Heritage Crossing click here.

Past Updates


We are preparing for some wonderful family reunions! Just yesterday the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) released new guidance that communities like ours should offer responsible and safe visit options regardless of vaccination status for families and residents. CMS put in place some restrictions, and as has been the case throughout the pandemic, we must receive the green light from the Ohio health department before we can actually host more indoor visits. Read the specific information on our Cappella Living Solution’s website. 



In our efforts to combat the local and national pandemic, we are excited to share that we are now able to offer indoor visitations per the Ohio Department of Health while exercising an abundance of caution so as to not put anyone in the Community at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Please be aware that your visit may expose you to the COVID-19 virus, and you may inadvertently expose your loved one and the Community to the COVID-19 virus. Since some people can have COVID-19 without symptoms, it is even more important to be careful. Heritage Crossing is dedicated to protecting your loved one and others from the virus and balance this with the need for your loved one to see you. We ask you to be responsible in joining in this challenge.

Below are the guidelines set up by the Ohio Department of Health personalized for Heritage Crossing that we ask you to follow:

  1. Visitors must be of an age of maturity that allows them to follow infection control procedures.
  2. No more than two visitors per resident per visit are allowed.
  3. Check with the Community for restroom use by visitors. Use of private, resident restrooms is prohibited.
  4. Please schedule your visit with our Concierge at (330)510-3110 with a 24-hour advance notice. The visitor time is a maximum of twenty minutes starting from time visitor and resident are together.
  5. You must enter the Community at the Main entrance. Avoid interaction with other residents. A team member will greet you and screen you for COVID-19 symptoms and take your temperature. The team member will guide you to the indoor visitation area.
  6. Please do not come if you are not feeling well. If you have a temperature over 100.0, symptoms of COVID-19, exposure to positive cases or unable to follow proper infection control, you will not be allowed to have the visit.
  7. Please wash your hands or use hand gel prior to the visit.
  8. Wear a face mask the complete time of the visit. Ask the Community for one if you do not have one.
  9. Limit the surfaces you touch.
  10. Maintain social distancing of six feet, including with your loved one.
  11. Be sure to wash your hands after your visit.
  12. Please monitor for signs and symptoms of respiratory infection for at least 14 days after your visit. If symptoms occur, self-isolate at home, contact your healthcare provider, and immediately notify the Community of the date you were in the Community, the individuals you were in contact with, and the locations within the Community you visited. The Community will take all necessary actions based on findings. Likewise, the Community will let you know if they experience COVID-19 activity that may have exposed you within 14 days of your visit so that you can respond appropriately.
  13. Residents on COVID-19 isolation may not have in-person visits but may have virtual, window or compassionate care visits.

We know connections with loved ones and friends is vitally important to the health and happiness of those we serve, we will continue to look for creative ways to help preserve precious relationships.

We appreciate your partnership and patience; together, we will get through this.


All 23 CLC-Cappella Communities Prepared to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine 

Priority distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to seniors and healthcare workers who are at the most risk of contracting the virus is welcome news. CLC-Cappella is ready to receive the vaccine to protect residents and associates in all 23 of our communities as soon as it is available. We remain in constant communication with state health departments, the CDC, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as details of the distribution process continue to develop.

Learn more about how the COVID-19 Vaccine Plan here.

Update 6/8/20

Updates on Safe Visits

Effective June 10th, outdoor family visitation at Heritage Crossing will be allowed. As we have remained COVID-free throughout this pandemic, the state is allowing for limited, open-air visits. The safety of our residents, families, and staff members is of the utmost importance. We are all looking forward to welcoming our families back to visit their loved ones, as well as having the chance to see everyone that is a part of our Heritage Crossing Community.

In accordance with all state, federal, and CDC guidelines, certain measures will be taken to ensure safety and sanitation. Visits will be 20 minutes in length and by appointment only, which you can schedule by calling the concierge at 330-679-8472. Guests will have their temperature taken, wear masks, and use an alcohol rub before and after each visit. Guests must sign our visitor agreement in accordance with the CDC guidelines for visitation in long-term care facilities, and the risks associated with such visits.

Guests and visitors must remain at least 6 feet apart from each other at all times. You may bring items of personal significance, such as food or gifts, and items are subject to being sanitized. In the event of inclement weather, visits will be rescheduled. At this time, we may not invite visitors under the age of 12.

Our community continues to operate under the CDC restricted status but a newly formed Health and Happiness committee is evaluating how we can better balance crucial required health protocols with the mental well-being and happiness of residents. We will have more updates soon.


New Procedures for Health and Happiness Visits

We are excited to share some good news. As many states are moving from “Stay at Home” to “Safer at Home” restrictions, Christian Living Communities-Cappella’s leadership team has been working to distill directives and evaluate procedures in order to strike a balance between the crucial need to maintain the physical health of residents with mental health that leads to happiness.

We have developed new procedures pertaining to in-person visits via a plexiglass divider, self-isolation after essential appointments, residents who are able, to drive themselves to essential appointments, and excursions, which vary by community based on virus activity within the community, state regulations, and level of care. In all levels of living, state directives supersede new procedures. Information on what we are preparing for residents and families was shared at our May 28th Family Town Hall Webinar which you can view here.

This is an unprecedented time, and every decision we make is with the health and happiness of residents, families, and team members in mind. We are diligently planning, resourcing materials, and training staff on the new operational procedures. We appreciate your patience and understanding as it will take some time to implement these new guidelines. Please contact us at with any questions.

While we are overjoyed that residents can enjoy greater freedoms and in-person family visits, we are still facing a virus that disproportionately affects older adults. We ask that everyone continue to do all they can to stay healthy and be mindful of the risk of exposure to this virus. Residents must stay well for our community to be well.

Thank you for your continued support as we celebrate residents and families as they make new memories!

Vaccine Fact or Fiction Video

Cappella (or CLC) President and CEO Jill Vitale-Assume recently hosted a FB live event with two clinical experts, CLC Medical Director Dr. Erick Gomer MD, and VP of Clinical and Compliance, Pat McBride, RN, BSN, MSN. Watch the video to hear these experts sort COVID 19 Vaccine fact from fiction.

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