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When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, making the move to an assisted living community is a big decision. It’s normal to be nervous about starting a new chapter in life, even if you know it will be a wonderful experience. But you want to make sure that assisted living is the right choice for you or your loved one. So how do you know when it’s time for assisted living?

The Top Three Signs That It’s Time for Assisted Living

1. You or Your Loved One Have Safety Concerns

When seniors live on their own or with a relative, it’s common to have safety concerns. Think about how often you worry about personal safety when it comes to yourself or your loved one. Assisted living communities, like Heritage Crossing, can help you and your loved one relieve that stress and anxiety. There are trained staff members that are available throughout the day ready to give each resident support. In fact, Heritage Crossing has an emergency alert system which gives you peace of mind knowing that help is always close by.

2. You or Your Loved One is Struggling with Daily Tasks

Do you have daily tasks like personal grooming, bathing, cleaning or even medication management that are becoming more difficult for you to handle? As we naturally age, tasks like this can become harder to manage and can take more time out of your day. One of the best perks of assisted living communities like Heritage Crossing is that there are staff members ready to help you with all these undertakings. That means that you or your loved one won’t have to worry about these responsibilities and can get back to following your passions.

3. You or Your Loved One Want More Social Interaction

It’s common to become to more isolated as your age progresses. If you or your loved one find yourself wanting more social connection, assisted living communities offer an engaging lifestyle. When you move to an assisted living community, you’ll be surrounded by seniors who share your interests. Get to know neighbors over a meal in the dining room or invite friends to join in on your exercise class in the afternoon. When you become part of an assisted living community, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make new friends and connections.


Compassionate Assisted Living Near You

As your loved one naturally ages, daily tasks such as housekeeping, cooking and self-care can become barriers to the vibrant lifestyle they worked so hard to achieve. At Heritage Crossing, an assisted living community in Akron, warm hospitality is at the core of the service and support we offer. We take the time to get to know each resident and create an individualized senior care plan that addresses their unique needs, goals and interests.

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